Fun Song Factory - Colours, Collywobbles, Hide and Seek is a UK VHS release by Polygram Video/Tempo Pre-School on 14th September 1998 and it got re-released by Universal on 16th June 2003.


  • Colours 1st August 1998
  • Collywobbles 8th August 1998
  • Hide and Seek 15th August 1998

Songs in ColoursEdit

  1. Ozzy Went to Paint
  2. These Are All the Colour Moods
  3. Mousie Brown
  4. Yellow Bird
  5. The Colours Song
  6. Sing a Rainbow

Presenters in Colours Edit

  • Dave Benson Phillips
  • Katy Stephens
  • Justin Fletcher

Children in Colours Edit

  • Dayle Hodge
  • Elizabeth Roberts
  • Mirren McLeod
  • William Stokes
  • Alex Pooley

Songs in CollywobblesEdit

  1. We All Clap Hands Together
  2. Incy Wincy Spider
  3. Wiggly Woo
  4. The Caterpillar Song
  5. If You're Scared
  6. Dance with Me

Presenters in Collywobbles Edit

  • Dave Benson Phillips
  • Karl Woolley

Children in Collywobbles Edit

  • Kizzi Carnegie
  • Jamie Mayer
  • Sapphire Elia
  • Myles Anderson
  • Jenny Cachero
  • Caroline Ward

Songs in Hide and SeekEdit

  1. How Do You Feel Today?
  2. We're Playing Hide and Seek
  3. I Have a Little Spider
  4. They'll Be Coming Through the Factory
  5. If You're Happy and You Know It

Presenters in Hide and Seek Edit

  • Dave Benson Phillips
  • Katy Stephens
  • Karl Woolley

Children in Hide and Seek Edit

  • Dayle Hodge
  • Mirren McLeod
  • William Stokes
  • Marlee Whitlock
  • Amber Charles
  • Elizabeth Roberts
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