Mr. Men - The Great Alphabet Hunt and TV Teddy: Mr. Men ABC - The Great Alphabet Hunt was release by Tempo Pre-School in 3rd August 1992 and 6th April 1998 and re-released by Tomy, Yes! and TV Teddy in 7th November 1994.

Plot Edit

All the Mr. Men and Little Misses go on an exciting alphabet hunting trip on the bus through Misterland.

Featured Words Edit

  • A: ant, apple
  • B: bounce, ball
  • C: currants, cake
  • D: dog, dots
  • E: eggs, empty
  • F: fish, flying
  • G: grass, green
  • H: happy, hat
  • I: ink
  • J: jumping, jumper
  • K: kangaroo, kite
  • L: lion
  • M: mischief, monkey
  • N: nose, nonsense
  • O: orange, octopus
  • P: pig, pink
  • Q: queen, queue
  • R: raven, rabbit
  • S: sausage, spaghetti, spinach
  • T: teapot, table, tummy
  • U: umbrella
  • V: vase, violin
  • W: wizard, worm
  • X: exit
  • Y: yacht, yellow
  • Z: zoo, lazy

Trailers and info Edit

  • The Tempo Pre-School video titles advert from 1991.

UK Adverts Edit

  • TV Teddy From Tomy Adverts from 1994.
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