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My Best Friends Too is a UK VHS release by National Children's Home on 1st August 1994.

Episodes that are featured on the TapeEdit

  1. Jane Hissey's Old Bear and Friends: Little Bear's Big Race (Taken from Jane Hissey's Old Bear and Friends: Old Bear and Other Stories)
  2. Fireman Sam: Lost in the Fog (Taken from Fireman Sam 6: All in a Good Cause)
  3. Tots TV: Hedgehog (Taken from Tots TV: Hedgehog and Other Stories)
  4. Pingu the Icicle Musician (Taken from Pingu 4: Pingu the Chef)
  5. Bump and the Talking Tree (Taken from Bump and Friends)
  6. Teddy Trucks: Rosie's Day Out
  7. Noddy and the Pouring Rain (Taken from Noddy and the Naughty Tail)
  8. The Original Adventures of SuperTed: SuperTed's Dream (Taken from The Heroic Adventures of SuperTed)
  9. Rosie and Jim: Painting (Taken from Rosie and Jim: Volume 1, Learn with Rosie and Jim: Locks and Painting, and Rosie and Jim Bumper Special: Painting and Other Stories)
  10. Spot Goes to the Fair (Taken from Storytime with Spot)
  11. Postman Pat's Rainy Day (Taken from Postman Pat's Big Video)


  • Jane Hissey's Old Bear and Friends Stories and Artwork © Jane Hissey Licensed by Random House, UK, Ltd Produced by Optomen Television © Carlton Television. 1993
  • Fireman Sam: Bumper Films Ltd. for S4C and Prism Art and Design Ltd. with Thanks to the Fire Service © S4C MCMXC.
  • Tots TV © 1993 A Ragdoll Production for Central Independent Television Plc.The Raggy Dolls © Melvyn Jacobson Productions Ltd 1993.
  • Pingu © 1993 Editory/SRG.
  • Bump © Bump Enterprises Ltd. 1993 © Abbey Broadcast Communications Plc. © Videal Productions GMBH. 1993
  • Teddy Trucks © Abbey Broadcast Communications/Michelle Cartudge 1993.
  • Noddy © BBC Enterprises 1992. Based on the Noddy books by Eind Blyton.
  • SuperTed Films © MCMLXXXIV S4C SuperTed (TM) © MCMLXXXIV Mike Young and © Petalcraft Demonstrations Ltd.
  • Rosie and Jim Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd for © 1992 Central Independent Television Plc.
  • Spot: From the Spot books by Eric Hill © 1993 King Rollo Films Ltd.
  • Postman Pat © Woodland Animations 1993.
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