My Favourite TV Friends is a UK VHS release by PolyGram Video/Tempo Pre-School on 12th May 1997, and 17th April 2000.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Blobs - The Homeless Giant
  2. Sooty's Amazing Adventures - Mummy Boys
  3. Goodnight Everyone
  4. Elephant Pie
  5. Little Miss Naughty
  6. Danger Mouse - What a Three-Point Turn-Up for the Book! 
  7. Nellie the Elephant and the Flying Saucer 
  8. Anytime Tales - I Want a Cat
  9. Anytime Tales - Two Can Toucan
  10. Party Time at the Fun Song Factory
  11. Bump and the Baby Mountain
  12. Teddy Trucks - Jacko's Unusual Cargo
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