Paddington Bear's Alphabet Treasure Hunt was released by Tempo Pre-School on 7th June 1993 and 6th April 1998.

Plot Edit

Paddington Bear enters the Great Alphabet Treasure Hunt in order to win a prize.

Featured Words Edit

  • A: ant, avocado, arrow, apple, address
  • B: ball, bat, bucket, bun, Brown
  • C: cat, cabbage, coat, currant, creepy-crawly
  • D: dinosaur, desk, duster, dog, duffle-coat
  • E: elephant, envelope, elbow, egg, eyes
  • F: fountain, football, fan, funnel, fur
  • G: goat, glove, goldfish, grape
  • H: horse, hat, house, handle
  • I: igloo, Indian, ice, ink
  • J: judge, jelly, jug, jar, juice
  • K: kipper, kite, kaleidoscope, king, kerchief
  • L: letter, lamp, lolly, lemon, lid
  • M: mouse, mustard, money, marmalade, mouth
  • N: nurse, nut, notebook, nail, nose
  • O: ostrich, olive, octopus, orange, oil
  • P: picture, pirate, parrot, pencil, Paddington, paw
  • Q: quilt, queue, quill, queen, question
  • R: robot, ruler, rainbow, radish, rubber
  • S: sausage, skirt, stairs, suitcase
  • T: tent, toothbrush, toad, toffee, toggle-peg
  • U: underwear, ukulele, udder, umbrella, uniform
  • V: van, violin, vase, video, vegetable
  • W: waterfalls, whales, windows, wasp, whiskers
  • X: X marks the spot, xylophone
  • Y: yawn
  • Z: zig-zag

Trailers and info Edit

  • The Tempo Pre-School video titles advert from 1991.
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