SuperTed's Bumper Video (UK VHS 1990)

SuperTed's Bumper Video is a UK VHS release by Tempo Video Children's Stories in 2nd April 1990.

Episode Info Edit

  1. SUPERTED AND MOTHER NATURE - Texas Pete travels to the Magic Cloud and forces Mother Nature to dose him with the medicine that gave SuperTed magic powers.
  2. SUPERTED AND THE MAGIC WORD PART 1 - Texas Pete thinks of a very clever way of discovering the magic word. After playing a trick on SuperTed and Spottyman he sneaks inreat Horrendo splits his best friend and his heart in two.
  3. SUPERTED AND THE MAGIC WORD PART 2 - Bulk was heard SuperTed's magic word and can fly 'like a bear'. But will Tex catch him before he forgets the word?
  4. SUPERTED AND THE POTHOLE RESCUE - SuperTed is perplexed. What should he do first? Find Spottyman who is lost underground or save Linda before her head disappears under the water.
  5. SUPERTED KICKS UP THE DUST - Spottyman believes that the cosmic dust should be placed where everyone can see it. But Superted disagrees.
  6. SUPERTED AND THE WHALES - Before Spottyman has time to sit down in his bath, the alarm rings and off they go to save the blue whale stuck on a lonely beach in North Wales.
  7. SUPERTED AND THE GORILLA - Bulk finds and ideal friend and runs after him into the forest, leaving Skeleton at the mercy of the wild animals.
  8. SUPERTED AND THE GREAT HORRENDO - SuperTed's magic powers are temporarily impaired as the Great Horrendo splits his best friend and his heart in two.


  • the final SuperTed video release to feature the Tempo Video Children's Stories ident of 1987-1990 and only SuperTed to feature the MSD Video ident of 1989-1990.


  • the intro and ending credits of SuperTed are cut out for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th episodes on this video.
  • SuperTed and Mother Nature has no ending credits at the end of the episode before SuperTed and the Magic Word- Part 1 which is the second episode on this video.
  • SuperTed and the Great Horrendo has no opening titles at the start of the episode before the title screen on this video.
  • the ending credits of SuperTed are only seen at the episode of SuperTed and the Great Horrendo on this video.
  • the opening theme of SuperTed is only played before the start of the first episode on this video SuperTed and Mother Nature


  • the back cover features a picture of Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton in the jungle from SuperTed and the Inca Treasure which is not shown on this video.

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