The Biggest Ever Pre-School Video was released by Tempo Video on 7th June 1993.

The Biggest Ever Pre-School Video Episodes and Programme Details[edit | edit source]

  • Spot
    "Spot Goes to School" and "Spot in the Woods", Two lightly Adventurers of Spot, the World's Favourite Lovable Puppy.
  • The Junglies
    "Say Cheese Everyone" and "Flying South". There's lots of island antics to enjoy with the Junglies in these two lively adventures.
  • Bump
    "Bump's Lost Button" and "Bump and the Clouds". These two gentle adventures with Bump and his friends will delight all young children.
  • The Herbs
    "Pashana Bedhi, The Snake Charmer" and "Sage's Singing Lesson". As usual there's trouble in the Herb Garden in these two classic adventures.
  • Broomstick Cottage
    "The Monstrous Marrow" and "On the Roof". Mr Bobbin has a few problems with his prize marrow and moving house in these two hilarious stories.
  • Huxley Pig
    "Huxley Pig's Home Movie" and "Huxley Pig and the Village Fete". Huxley's daydreaming takes him on two new adventures.
  • Mr Men and Little Miss
    "Little Miss Splendid" and "Little Miss Neat" feature in their very own stories.
  • The Raggy Dolls
    "The Old Clock Lady" and "The Stolen Parrot", Starring Sad Sack, Back-To-Front and Princess in two rag-tastic adventures in the reject bin.
  • Anytime Tales
    "I Want My Potty" and "Two Can Toucan". A princess who is fed up with nappies and a bird with no name are the stars of these two programmes.
  • Paddington Bear
    "Keeping Fit" and "Paddington and the Mystery Box". Paddington's curiousity gets the better of him in these two amusing tales.
  • The Adventures of Parsley
    "The Egg" and "The Nap". Two more classic adventures with Parsley the Lion.
  • Tales of Aesop
    "The Quack Frog" and "The Hares and the Treasure". Two traditional stories with a moral, narrated by Tom Baker.
  • Will Quack Quack
    "The Coal House" and "Cousin Percy". Will Quack Quack, the naughty little duck is in trouble again in these two entertaining adventures.
  • Wimpole Village
    "The Nasty Gale" and "Adventure Camp". Join in the fun with all your favourite characters from Wimpole Village in these two lively adventures.
  • Postman Pat
    taken from "Postman Pat's ABC Story", Leaning is fun with Postman Pat and Tom Pottage, taken from Postman Pat's ABC Video.
  • Tell Me a Story
    "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Dick Whittington". Two traditional tales for all young children to enjoy.
  • Favourite Nursery Rhymes
    A lively selection of nursery rhymes taken from the video, "One Two Buckle My Shoe and Other Favourite Rhymes".

Credits[edit | edit source]

The Adventures of Spot ("Spot Goes to School" and "Spot in the Woods")

  • From the books by Eric Hill.
  • Produced by King Rollo Films Ltd.
  • Voice by Paul Nicholas.
  • Music by Duncn Lamont.
  • © 1986 King Rollo Films Ltd.

Junglies[edit | edit source]

Bump[edit | edit source]

The Adventures of Parsley[edit | edit source]

  • Written by Michael Bond.
  • Produced by FilmFair London.

Broomstick Cottage[edit | edit source]

  • A Dabble film by Barry Jackson, Michael Mellor and Barnard Reyner.
  • Storyteller: Keith Railton.

Huxley Pig[edit | edit source]

Little Miss[edit | edit source]

The Raggy Dolls[edit | edit source]

Anytime Tales[edit | edit source]

("I'm Coming To Get You")[edit | edit source]
("Twocan Toucan")[edit | edit source]

The Adventures of Paddington[edit | edit source]

Will Quack Quack[edit | edit source]

"(The Coal House)"[edit | edit source]
  • Originally Created by Jennie Thomas and J.O. Williams.
  • Written by Urien Wiliam and Illustrated by Beth McFall.
  • Narrated by Myfanwy Talog.
  • Animation and Layouts by Rose Welch.
  • Storyboards by Beth McFall.
  • Backgrounds by Joan Bradshaw.
  • Traced and Painted by Soft Cels (Cartoon Graphics).
  • Checked by Anne Kotch.
  • Edited at Teliesyn by Wil Oswald and Jane Brewer.
  • Recording Directed by Atsain Ltd.
  • Rostrum Camera by Graham Orrin Rostrums.
  • Music Composed by Iolo Jones.
  • Musical Director: Mike Townend.
  • Music Produced by Ambarel Ltd.
  • Production Co-ordinator: Penelope Middelboe.
  • Produced by Robin Lyons.
  • Designed and Directed by Beth McFall.
  • Produced in Wales for S4C by Siriol Animation Ltd., Cardiff.
  • © MENTRAU Cyf. 1984.

Wimpole Village[edit | edit source]

"Adventure Camp"[edit | edit source]
  • Written and Created by Peter Kingston.
  • Narration and Voices by Timbo.
  • Illustrations by Peter and Lisa Kingston.
  • Edited by Jason Yardley and Crispin Green.
  • Music by Tony Kinsey.
  • Sound Dubbing by John Woods Studios.
  • Rostrum Camera on by Rory Cantwell.
  • Produced by Ross Cameron.
  • Directed by Tom Morrish.
  • Production by Videola Ltd.
  • An East End Films Production ©.

Postman Pat's ABC

  • Designed and Directed by Ivor Wood.
  • Written by John Cunliffe.
  • Animation and Backgrounds by Derek Mogford and Ivor Wood.
  • Narrated by Ken Barrie.
  • Music by Bryan Daly.
  • Film Editor: Martin Bohan.
  • Sound by Steve Bray.
  • Produced by Woodland Animations Ltd 1990.

Tell Me A Story[edit | edit source]

Favourite Nursery Rhymes[edit | edit source]

Trailers and info[edit | edit source]

  • The Tempo Pre-School video titles advert from 1991.
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