The Heroic Adventures of SuperTed is a UK VHS release by Tempo Video Children's Stories on 5th September 1988.

Description[edit | edit source]

Six fun packed adventures of SuperTed with his friend Spottyman and his enemies, Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton.

Episode Info[edit | edit source]

  1. SUPERTED IN SPOTTY AND THE INDIANS - After a crash in his rocket ship Spotty begins to see spots everywhere - even on earth creatures! SuperTed meanwhile can see something far more menacing - the barrel of Texas Pete's hunting gun
  2. SUPERTED AND THE CRYSTAL BALL - A strange gypsy fortuneteller predicts death for SuperTed and showers of gold for Bulk, Skeleton and Texas Pete. Can this really be so?
  3. SUPERTED AND THE LUMBERJACKS - Someone is cutting down the trees in the wildlife park. SuperTed and Spotty go to the aid of the animals whose homes are being destroyed and find lumberjacking's as simple as falling off a log!
  4. SUPERTED'S DREAM - Whilst Spottyman is visiting Mother Nature with a new doll-friend of his SuperTed suffers the most dreadful tortune at the hands of a ghastly, fat baby! What a nightmare!
  5. BULK'S STORY - Bulk reveals the hair-raising story of his first meeting with the cruel Texas Pete - how they both escaped from prison and got Skeleton out of one 'grave' situation and into another!
  6. SUPERTED MEETS FATHER CHRISTMAS - This year Father Christmas appears to be stealing the children's presents rather than bringing them! SuperTed and Spotty get well and truly snowed under answering calls for help...

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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