The New Adventures of SuperTed is a UK VHS release by Tempo Video Children's Stories on 15th February 1988.

Description[edit | edit source]

Six fun packed adventures of SuperTed with his friend Spottyman and his enemies, Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton.

Episode Info[edit | edit source]

  1. SUPERTED AT THE TOY SHOP - It's someone special's birthday and Texas Pete goes late night shopping in the biggest toy shop in the world. But the last thing on Texas Pete's mind is a present for Spottyman!
  2. SUPERTED GOES TO TEXAS - Texas Pete gets homesick for Texas and other people's fine longhorn cattle. But when SuperTed treats him to a 'ripping' ride on one of the longhorns Tex feels that he just cannot stay!
  3. SUPERTED IN THE ARCTIC - When SuperTed and Spotty take a break from playing their new video "Knocking Mammoths Off Ice-bergs" they discover being knocked off ice-bergs is not much of a game after all!
  4. TROUBLE IN SPACE - PART 1 - Spotty's little sister, Blotch, unwittingly aids Texas Pete in his dastardly plan to take over SuperTed's Space Station.
  5. TROUBLE IN SPACE - PART 2 - The Spot family find themselves in the hot seat thanks to the evil cunning of Texas Pete. For some strange reason, SuperTed doesn't seem to care. Can he really ignore his friends when they need him most?
  6. SUPERTED AND THE GUN SMUGGLERS - Something sinister has been frightening the fish off the west coast of Wales... confirm-ing Spotty's very worst suspicions about the salty Earth sea!

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